CheckUp: Checklist for the Reporting of Updated Guidelines

The Checklist for the Reporting of Updated Guidelines (CheckUp) has recently been published in PLoS Medicine by authors of the Iberoamerican Cochrane Centre. This has been the result of a partnership with the AGREE Collaboration (, and the G-I-N Updating Guidelines Working Group ( It is also another accomplishment of the Updating research line led by Laura Martínez García (Juan Rodés researcher).

CheckUp can be used to evaluate the completeness of reporting in updated guidelines and as a tool to inform guideline developers about reporting requirements.

CheckUp was developed through a comprehensive process, including the use of systematic reviews, assessment of updated clinical guidelines, and engagement of the international guideline community through semistructured interviews, a Delphi consensus survey, and an external review.

Adherence to CheckUp will likely enhance the comprehensiveness and transparency of clinical guideline updating for the benefit of patients and the public, health care professionals, and other relevant stakeholders.

Reference: Vernooij RWM, Alonso-Coello P, Brouwers M, Martínez García L, CheckUp Panel. Reporting Items for Updated Clinical Guidelines: Checklist for the Reporting of Updated Guidelines (CheckUp). PLOS Med. 2017;14(1): e1002207. Available from: