Course on Indirect Comparisons and Network Meta-analysis

theoretical-practical course, complemented with exercises using Stata v.14.
Important: Every student must bring its own laptop.

Addressed at: 
Healthcare professionals; health, social sciences or economy research staff with basic knowledge on systematic reviews and/or meta-analysis interested in applyig indirect comparisons and its extension to network meta-analysis.

Aurelio Tobias
Scientific Researcher. Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC), Barcelona.

Ferrán Catalá-López
Departament of Medicina, Universitat de València/Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria INCLIVA y CIBERSAM, Valencia.
Clinical Epidemiology Program, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, Ottawa, Canadá.

1. Introduction to network meta-analysis
2. Uni- and multivariate meta-analysis
3. Direct, indirect, and mixed comparisions
4. Meta-regression for network meta-analysis
5. Consistency and inconsistency models
6. Methods and results presentation: PRISMA NMA 2015 

Length: 16 h 

Organised by: Iberoamerican Cochrane Centre (IIB Sant Pau)

Information: Esther Cánovas (  

Inscriptions and reservation: Cristina Puchol (

Fees: 250€ (including two lunches)

Inscription period: from 15th April 2016