What is Cochrane?

Cochrane is an international independent network of researchers, professionals, patients, caregivers, and people interested in health. Since its creation in 1993, Cochrane has contributed to transform the way health decisions are made. 

Over 100,000 Cochrane members and followers work concertedly to produce trustworthy and accesible healthcare information without commercial sponsorship or any other conflict of interest.  Many of our contributors are world leaders in their fields (medicine, healthcare policies, research methodology, consumers advocacy) and our Groups are located in some of the most renowned academic and medical institutions worldwide.  Our work represents an international reference model of good quality and reliable information .

We do not accept commercial nor conflicting funding. It is of the utmost importance to us to produce good quality and reliable information, working independently, with no restrictions of commercial and economic interests.

Our vision

Our vision is a world in which everyone lives in good health and health-related decision-making is based on high quality evidence.

Our mission 

We are a global, varied , independent organisation that contributes to the production of reliable summarised evidence, strives for open access and fosters its use. Our work is globally acknowledged as a reference value in quality information about the effectiveness of healthcare.

Whom do we address?

Cochrane targets every person interested in using high quality information in healthcare decision-making,  whether clinicians, nurses, patients or caregivers, researchers or sponsors. Cochrane evidence provides the population with a powerfl tool to improve their health knowledge and decision-making.

We all play a role.

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