Iberoamerican Cochrane Centre seeks candidates for a Marie-Sklodowska Curie Individual Fellowship


The Iberoamerican Cochrane Centre is seeking candidates for a Marie-Sklodowska Curie Individual Fellowship.

Who can apply?

  • Open to researchers either coming to Europe or moving within Europe.
  • Must be an Experienced Researcher (ER): Doctoral degree or at least four years’ full-time research experience by the time of the call deadline.
  • Must not have resided or carried out the main activity in Spain for more than 12 months in the 3 years immediately prior to the deadline for submission of proposals.

Project description
The available evidence on patients and other stakeholders’ values and preferences is diverse, including qualitative and/or quantitative studies that investigate how they value the importance of different outcomes, as well as their preferences, views, perceptions, and attitudes towards a health condition. Research on this issue is crucial when moving from evidence to recommendations.

This project consists of two parts:

  1. Development of a database to compile and classify evidence on patients and other stakeholder’s values and preferences. Emphasis will be made on identifying and describing systematic reviews on this matter. This database will allow us to review the different available study designs and will provide a picture of the quality of the research and the needs for further research in the area.In a first stage we will include all systematic reviews and in a second stage we will identify and extract all individual studies from the systematic reviews.
  2. Design and user-testing of the database web-tool with final users using iterative methodology.
  3. Development and evaluation of strategies to search for available evidence on patients’ views. Given the different possibilities of eliciting and integrating this type of evidence in clinical guidelines we will test several approaches (from more pragmatic to more exhaustive). This evidence will help guideline developers to decide about what the pros and cons of the different strategies. 
  4. We will also implement and evaluate an on-line tool-kit prototype we are developing for integrating patients’ and other stakeholders views in clinical guidelines. With the available feed-back, we will refine this tool-kit prototype and, when ready, disseminate it and implement it in several guidelines initiatives internationally.

Interested candidates should send an email with their CV and motivation letter to mgiros@santpau.cat.

Deadline: 31st August  2016

More information about the Marie-Sklodowska Curie Individual Fellowship: http://ec.europa.eu/research/mariecurieactions/about-msca/actions/if/index_en.htm