RIGHT-Ad@pt checklist: A Reporting Tool for Adapted Guidelines in Health Care

This is a webpage for the RIGHT-Ad@pt Checklist: A Reporting Tool for Adapted Guidelines in Health Care:

What is the RIGHT-Ad@pt checklist

The RIGHT-Ad@pt checklist contains 34 items grouped in 7 sections to inform the reporting of adapted guidelines: 1) basic information (7 items), 2) scope (6 items), 3) rigor of development (10 items), 4) recommendations (4 items), 5) external review and quality assurance (2 items), 6) funding, declaration, and management of interest (2 items), and 7) other information (3 items).

The RIGHT-Ad@pt checklist can be used to guide the reporting of adapted guidelines, including the adaptation process ("Rigor of development" section) and the adapted recommendations ("Recommendations" section). The checklist can also be applied to assess the completeness of reporting and —in combination with available adaptation frameworks— to inform adaptation processes. 

How to use the checklist

The RIGHT-Ad@pt checklist was developed as a reporting checklist to inform and assess the reporting of adapted guidelines. Users of the checklist should apply it along with the complete User Guide. Each judgement made by users should be clearly documented and reported.

The RIGHT-Ad@pt is not intended to be an aid to the adaptation process or a quality assessment tool, but users should pay attention to reporting requirements during the planning stage. It is recommended that checklist users do not score each item or add them up to create an overall score. Instead, we encourage users to interpret the reporting according to the answers and make an overall judgement.

We have submitted the RIGHT-Ad@pt checklist for publication in a high impact journal. For detailed development methods, please refer to our protocol

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Checklist Translations

If you have any interest in translating the RIGHT-Ad@pt checklist into other languages, please contact us

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User Instructions

There are two versions of the checklist for guideline-adaptation working groups to use:

The online version —currently under development— will provide an overview of the checklist sections and topics, and a module for each item with explanation and examples. In addition, we will develop a column under each item for users to organize and download their reporting of adapted guidelines. 

We will also include a link for users to provide feedback regarding the checklist or specific items, any newly emerged contents, additional resources, as well as optimal examples.

A downloadable PDF version of the checklist is available to use before, during, and after the guideline adaptation. Before and during the adaptation process, the checklist can assist the set-up phase and the adaptation process, using the options and notes column. After the adaptation process, the checklist can inform the reporting and assess the reporting using the assessment options and notes column.

A downloadable PDF version of the User Guide is available containing details on the summary of the checklist, an introduction, user instructions, the glossary and abbreviations, and items explanations and examples.

Please refer to our presentation  in GIN Conference 2021 for the development process and introduction of the RIGHT-Ad@pt checklist. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us 

Updated: 25.11.2021