Dissemination resources and projects

The Iberoamerican Cochrane Centre develops different dissemination projects, resources and activities to bring the general public closer to evidence-based medicine and to encourage critical thinking to help them make better health decisions.



Cochrane responde
This project offers clear evidence-based answers to health questions of the utmost importance to the public and any other relevant questions.


This is a dissemination and critical thinking project which scientifically assesses different types of information about diet and health (myths, news, ads and questions from the public).


Decisiones Informadas en Salud
This project, called in its original version in English "Informed Health Choices", teaches primary school children (10-12 years of age) to think critically about treatments, i.e. any action taken to preserve or improve their health. 



Questions from  Maldita Ciencia
Articles published in the Maldita Ciencia website based on evidence reports by the Iberoamerican Cochrane Centre which answers health questions raised by its readers.


Cochrane in OCU Salud
Articles published in the Spanish Organization of Consumers and Users magazine issues for health matters (OCU Salud) based on the best evidence available derived from a Cochrane review. 


  Visual abstracts
Visual abstracts summarize on an infographic the basic information of a Cochrane review and of other Cochrane dissemination materials.


Cochrane bloghshots or information cards are pictures that display the key points of a Cochrane review  in plain language for smoother dissemination via social networks.


Cochrane podcasts target all publics and sum up the evidence of a recent Cochrane review in a user-friendly audio format .

In order to guarantee good quality dissemination materials, Cochrane has developed a 18-item checklist  used in the elaboration of every dissemination product, as well as guidelines for the writing of the results section in which certainty of the evidence is reported using  GRADE terminology.

The Iberoamerican Cochrane Centre is included in the Units of Scientific Culture and Innovation Network  (Red UCC+i), driven by the Spanish Foundation fotr Science and Technology (FECYT).